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Steve Harvey

A WordPress Specialist accepting consulting work in the East Suffolk area of the UK

About me

I am a WordPress fanatic. I am self taught and love to learn. I think the internet is the greatest classroom for education ever invented (thanks Tim Berners Lee).

I get satisfaction out of solving problems and finding simple solutions to complex problems. There is no subject that I don’t find interesting and your small business is sure to fascinate me. I dive into my client’s work to understand the strengths and weaknesses and try to devise a web design that will help meet their business goals and objectives.

I am a relationship builder who enjoys getting to know my clients. I have had the privilege of developing lasting and personal relationships with many of my clients and I find that both rewarding and valuable. I consider clients friends and want to ensure that they are properly taken care of and that their business needs are met to their satisfaction.

If you want to connect with me, find me on Facebook or Twitter. I’m on other networks too, but spend most of my time on these two. I look forward to connecting with you and getting to know you and your business.

I love coffee, Arsenal football club, New York Yankees baseball and The Dallas Cowboys! I have also been known to take an interest in Formula One Motor Racing, The Tour de France, The Olympics and other major sporting events.

Website Skills

WordPress 100%
Responsive Design 100%
HTML & CSS 90%
SEO 85%
PHP 80%
Theme development 70%

I’m passionate about WordPress, and I’ve been using it to develop modern and impressive websites for myself and a few clients for over 10 years.

I’m also experienced with other platforms such as WooCommerce for shopping websites and Mailchimp, Webmaster Tools, Twitter and Facebook to name but a few.

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